Jun 10, 2005

To work or not to work....

Posted by Mary |

I just realized that I never posted my job updates. So here goes:

Current jobs
Mushing magazine: Heading for freelance status. Greg has not yet finalized the purchase. I hinted that he may want me to edit both magazines. We haven't discussed my pay rate yet.

UAF library: No word on a new grant. Current grant expires June 30. Working as many extra hours as I can before then.

Possible jobs
Alaska Sea Grant publications coordinator: Nope. They hired the other candidate.

Fairbanks Convention and Visitors Bureau advertising and PR: 1 1/2 hour interview on Monday. Went well, but they're interviewing many people. In wait-and-see mode.

Arctic Region Supercomputing Center science writer: No word. Probably didn't get an interview.

Golden Valley Electric Association public relations: No word. Sincerely doubting I got an interview.

UAF University Relations graphic designer: Dropped an application and portfolio off today. I'm still irked they went to external recruitment immediately. Now I have to compete with everyone in town.