Jun 20, 2005

If I had a hammer

Posted by Mary |

Well, actually, I did have a hammer yesterday. And I used it to work on the cabin. We now have the cement pads set in place, and the timbers for the frame are in, too. We started nailing in boards for the base yesterday, but that's where things went a little bit awry. Somehow the boards didn't all get cut, which we only realized halfway through the nailing process. We stopped, but by then our square little cabin had become a bit of a parallelogram. Robert and Tom are going to fix that this afternoon.

In other news, Melissa and Ian will be back in town today!!! Hooray!!! They'll bring with them Harley, the rockingest dog in the history of rocking dogs, and Julianna, who was only traveling with them and will return to the East Coast shortly.

Also, tomorrow I will be performing at the Midnight Sun Solstice Street Festival in downtown Fairbanks with my troupe Tundra Caravan. I'll be doing a 3 pm show with Chandani and Souzana (better known as Teresa and Susan), and an 8 pm show with Zara Noor, Chandani, Myriah and Barbara (better known as Terri, Teresa, Suzn and Barbara). It should be a busy day, so I'd better go figure out how to cut the floor work from my solo. No need to do floor work on the pavement!