Jun 27, 2007

moving on up! to the, um, west side!

Posted by Mary |

If you haven't heard, we are moving! We found a great house about 8 miles from the university, situated on the oh-so-lovely Chena Ridge. For those of you who actually know us (as opposed to those of you who just cyberstalk us. You know who you are!), our phone number will remain the same. For those of you who send us bills, keep sending them to the old address. For those of you who send us gifts, we'll get you the new address.

We're not fully moved in, and we won't be having our housewarming for a while, so for now I leave you with some shaky video.

The cat has made the move and is suitably both freaked out by the new place and overcome by the desire to roll in all the spots that apparently still smell like dog.

Jun 11, 2007

i have met the enemy

Posted by Mary |

Summer in Alaska produces a lot of pests. Everyone's heard about our mosquitoes. Last year we had a bad yellow jacket year. And I've currently got a couple of wasp nests around the property that I'm keeping an eye on. But my big annoyance this year is the ever-persistent spruce bud worm.

They don't sting. They don't bite. They just hang in midair from a bit of webbing like a perverted, squirming Christmas ornament. Walking through the trees to get to our cabin has become a delicate art of dodging and weaving through the dangling pests.

I was only mildly annoyed by them until I walked into one full on the other day people. I'm usually not a girl about crawly things on me, but this one made eyeball contact. Eyeball, people. The only thing going in my eye should be my contacts.