Jul 11, 2012

heard on Skype

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ok...   cubic yard of pudding.   go on...
Well, it's for pudding wrestling. Obvs.
But, yeah, seriously, it's for pudding wrestling.
--Me, not making the
situation any clearer

Beau is too far away from me. True, we've spent every summer apart thus far, but this time it's more than 350 miles. He's on the other side of the world, and I've packed up and moved to Anchorage. I sleep on a bed on the floor of a friend's spare room, and wait to sell my house in Fairbanks. The Internet is too slow where he is, so we stick mostly to Skype chat. Getting cut off in video chat is worse than not seeing him at all.

Life in the big-ish city is taking shape. Although I still travel to Fairbanks on the weekends, I have set up a small routine here. I have dance classes and a yoga pass, and lots of friends to connect with. The owner of the yoga studio asked me to start subbing for classes, and I'm undertaking an epic tour of local restaurants. Last weekend I drugged the cat and drove her down the Parks Highway. Nibbles is settling into life locked in one room with me, and is extra-needy.

But even a new location can't keep my mind from wandering, and so I have gathered a small group of friends and made plans to return to India this winter. When I don't have my husband here to ground me, it seems awfully easy to pick up and go somewhere for a while. I miss being surrounded by the chaos of Rajasthan. The itinerary has yet to be determined, though we're pretty sure we'll be going to Pushkar in January. I'm probably going to lose the battle to skip Agra.

Jul 4, 2012

I'm not dead yet

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You can blame Google and a name change. I had to change my email address after I got married, and ran into amazing problems trying to access this old blog. It got to the point where I gave up for a bit. Then a few friends told me they were sad I'd taken my blog down. Nope, Google took it down for me. It seems someone was trying to break into my old e-mail (which was still the main account for this blog), and they shut me down as a security precaution. The good news is that they fixed a lot of the Blogger issues in the interim, so I think I'm back.

A few quick and minor updates:

  • Beau and I spent a month in Hawaii for our honeymoon. For part of that time, we slept in the back of a cargo van. That was my idea, and it was awesome.
  • After 4 months, 2 speeding tickets and at least 6,500 miles put on my car, I got my yoga teaching certification.
  • Beau graduated from UAF with a degree in Computational Physics. It's kind of like majoring in Nerdology with a minor in Geek Sciences.
  • After graduation, Beau deployed to Afghanistan for 4 months.
  • To fill up my time in his absence, I quit my job, put my house on the market and moved to Anchorage.
See? Nothing major. No biggie.