Jun 9, 2005

The aimless future

Posted by Mary |

It occurs to me that I started this blog to chronicle my attempts to get a cabin. And now I going to get one. What am I supposed to write about now?

All right, I guess I'll have to start investigating some modern technology and start posting pictures. Keep your eyes peeled for those.

Tom and I walked down to the cabin site a few days ago and Robert has laid out the stakes for the cabin. Of course, first the Quakers had to hold a clearness meeting about the site. See, Robert didn't want to build it on the tent platform site, which makes sense since the chosen site was William's old cabin site, which was already cleared. William, however, didn't like the idea of just plopping the cabin on the old cabin site. See, years ago William built a new cabin on that site. Then, during a dispute with the Quakers over who owned the cabin, he moved it off the site and onto the neighboring property. Hence, a new cabin would be visible to him, because there are no trees in the way.

So, the new cabin will be going on the old site (is this getting confusing yet?), but will be angled. Actually, it will be angled partly across the path, but let's not get into that.

On the bright side, it will have a lovely view of Ester Dome. On the downside, the old outhouse at the site needs a bit of work....