I was told that today would be 50 degrees F and rainy. I was lied to. I woke up once again to falling snow. I know that I live in Alaska, but I’m getting tired of the snow. I’ve been following Jennie’s theory of buying lots of cute shoes, thereby forcing the weather to change so that I can actually wear them. So far some of the shoes have not seen the light of day. What gives, Fairbanks?

The troupe performed at yet another gaming convention over the weekend. The crowd was small, but the performance was well received. I think they didn’t know what to do at the end of the grand finale, which was a Battlestar Galactica dance. The night was not without mishaps, like when I tried to quickly put on a head veil for the Bhangra Throwdown. Epic fail. I somehow grabbed it upside down, such that the combs were curving away from my head. Needless to say, it came off during the dance.

After the show, we tried to go to The Pub for a Clucking Blossom fundraiser, but the place was at capacity. We consoled ourselves that at least we could go bowling instead. Not so much, as they had just closed down the games (though they tantalizingly left the blacklights on in the bowling alley). And thus did we end up at Denny’s at 11 p.m. on a Saturday night in full costume.

Mar 27, 2008

for my joanna

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She's been talking me off the ledge for the past few days, so I figured I owed her a little something.

Thanks, sweetie! Nothing says "I love you" like velvet snakeskin Melos!

Mar 24, 2008


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I haven't had the chance to do anything bizarre to my hair color yet, but I did get the matching nose ring on Friday. The glasses, however, are still the old Ethels.

Mar 22, 2008

worth a thousand words....

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We miss our Jellybean. Come back from Florida soon!!

Above, Liz models the new Indian panel skirts, shows off our lovely deck and expresses her love for Victoria.

There have been many interesting developments of late. I'll keep some of them to myself for now, but throw you a few bones. I got my nose pierced last night. Yes, it was already pierced, but now there are two rings and it's very matchy-matchy. ArctiCon is coming up and the first Battlestar Galactica dance is looking good. Plans are afoot for some new dances as well. We're mulling having extra rehearsals, because it seems like we keep coming up with more stuff to do.

I'm signing off so I can have breakfast (finally), go to the library (maybe), take a nap (probably) and go to the Cover Up (definitely).

Mar 19, 2008

heard in the d lab

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I’m not responsible for the accuracy of the data. I can only speak for the quality of the visualization.

--A visualization specialist,
when his work was challenged

Had fun playing in the Discovery Lab today. OK, it’s not playing, it’s working. Official business and all that. But, damn, those programs are fun. I was especially intrigued with a new interface Dave had come up with for DAVE. As you may recall, my troupe danced with this computer program for a First Friday in November. The new interface is basically the same (as far as I can tell), but looks a lot cooler, as it projects an image of the body onto the background screen. Although I was there to photograph the Virtual Mars program, I grew obsessed with capturing a ghostly image of Dave the person playing with DAVE the program. I couldn’t use the flash, as it affected the camera for the program.

In more mundane news, I dreamed I cut bangs, but that they actually looked good. Clearly a dream. I also dreamed that I was on the phone with my sister when I realized that a catastrophic event had shifted global warming into high gear, and that the waters were rising and I had to get out of the house. I told her I had to get off the phone, but didn’t mention the fact that there was rampant flooding and I probably wouldn’t see her alive again. Does that make me a bad sister?

I think that dating has officially made me 14 years old again. There’s this whole sort of merry-go-round of “I like him. Does he like me? How can I find out if he likes me?” For the most part, I’ve been ignoring it and just asking the guys out, which is very feminist and progressive of me, but I find that I’m scared to ask out the guys I really like. Which is neither feminist nor progressive. In fact, it’s the act of a 14 year old.

Mar 18, 2008

generation green

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Interesting article in The New York Times. Apparently "farmer" is the new black.

I like how they mention that the Carhartts used to be ironic. Here in Alaska they're just practical.

And in non-stolen-from-the-Interwebs news, finishing the play means that I’ve got time to socialize again. and this weekend “socializing” meant a bar and a date. Not on the same night. On Friday night I met my dance troupe for wine and food at Lavelle’s Bistro, then I headed to The Marlin to see The Good Daze. They were the band for the play, and they produced some music that still rings in my head. We’ve talked loosely about the possibility of collaborating, so I wanted to hear more of their music. It’s a definite possibility! While at The Marlin, I also met someone quite intriguing whom I sort of know from afar. Fairbanks is a small town, and it’s inevitable that we’ll know people in common, so I was pleasantly surprised to see him talking to a friend of mine. Especially because it gave me the chance to talk to him, though not for long enough. I did get the chance to catch up with many old friends as well.

The date was with someone I was introduced to recently. And when I say “introduced,” I mean “he came to see the play and now probably suffers from the delusion that I regularly stumble around in a skimpy outfit snorting powdered sugar from a little bag.” Despite the less-than-illustrious meeting, we had a good time. We caught a movie at The Blue Loon (Sweeney Todd, which made me realize that I much prefer the Bollywood version of musicals. Please don’t try to move the plot along or deliver lines of dialogue while singing. Just do your acting stuff and then occasionally break into song and dance) and had dinner (where I ran into friends who gave me the eye for being out with a man who was clearly in the not-Tom category).

Sunday turned into a bagel marathon at Lulu’s with a friend. I think we were literally there for 3 hours. Because I’m irresistible, she also came over for dinner last night and helped me devour the metric ton of chocolate my mother sent me for Easter. (Thanks, Mom!) In return, I helped drain her pocketbook by introducing her to endless.com. That’s what friends are for.

Mar 13, 2008

yin and yang

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Two different friends, two different takes on Peeps....

Image courtesy of Meg Breton, as designed and photographed by her husband David

Image courtesy of Miss Victoria Regina's friend Chuck

Mar 12, 2008

the yays and the nays

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Things on the web that make me happy and sad....

Song charts on Flickr

I [heart] Papyrus
When did the short bus kids learn about fonts?

Mar 11, 2008

hair today

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I know I've threatened it before, but this time I really did go get a funky, Flock-of-Seagulls haircut. Don't worry - I can always grow it out again.

No pictures until I figure out a fun way to dye it....

Mar 4, 2008

balance of power

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The woodstove is not hot enough, making me cold. But the oven is too hot, burning my brownies.

Can't I just bake the brownies in the woodstove?

Mar 3, 2008


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Camino Real is over. Finished. No more hanging out on stage, pretending to use drugs, trying to sell myself to the audience. It was a great show, but I look forward to getting my life back. I haven't been to the gym in almost a month, I've cooked about 3 meals in that time, and my sleeping schedule in just plain screwy.

On the bright side, I managed to not get any of the various forms of cold, flu or bubonic plague that were sweeping through the cast.