Mar 22, 2011

birthday boy

Posted by Mary |

Everyone should date a nerd. Because there is nothing more fun than buying a nerd a tech-y toy and watching him try to decide between returning it to upgrade or getting to play with it NOW.

I knew Beau wanted a Kindle. He'd been talking about one since India. His desire started really ramping up a few weeks before his birthday, and I had to talk him down off the ledge. See, he wanted the Kindle DX because the screen is bigger. And because it costs twice as much. I kept pointing out that Amazon wasn't putting out software updates for the DX anymore. And then I bought him the regular Kindle.

It only took him a few minutes to decide that he had to open the Kindle NOW.

I also got him grapefruit spoons and am taking him out for sushi, but that's not nearly as fun a story. It doesn't involve technology angst.