Jun 1, 2005

T-minus 10, 9, 8....

Posted by Mary |

We're getting closer to lift-off. Cabin lift-off, that is. At last night's meeting, the Hidden Hill board voted to move the cabin proposal forward to business meeting, setting aside a budget of $15,000. The vote was six people in favor, one person standing aside (which means he still has some misgivings, but does not want to stop the process).

I, of course, will be at the business meeting on Sunday to put a face on the whole project. But it's really looking positive.

Tonight I'm having the new owner of my old house over for dinner. Just in case I still need to move. But maybe Melissa and Ian, two friends moving back to Fairbanks, could move in there. Of course, Jen still says she'll be moving out of Hidden Hill at the end of the summer, and if that happens I will try like hell to get Melissa and Ian over to HH. Commune coup!