Jan 17, 2008

we're leaving... on a jet plane

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It's time to wrap up this New Zealand thing. Today was our last day in Auckland, and tomorrow we'll get on the plane and begin the long journey back to Fairbanks. I hope it's warmed up. If not, I've got some new stripe-y Polypros....

Jan 15, 2008

go that way really fast...

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if something gets in your way, turn.

$2 to whoever gets that first. Zorbing was awesome. I sustained my most major injury to date when I ripped a fingernail partly off while diving into the Zorb. It's hard to explain.

We're in Auckland now. Big cities are scary. We'll be home soon....

Jan 14, 2008

foiled again

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The new rental car only has a tape deck. We bought four used tapes. Neil Diamond and The Buggles were old and warped, but Cyndi Lauper and Willie Nelson played just fine!

We finished the Tongariro Northern Circuit and are in Rotorua now. We stopped in Taupo to go bungy jumping yesterday. Fucking terrifying. I mean it. Today we'll go Zorbing, which should be much, much less terrifying. We still haven't agreed on whether or not to go to the Agrodome.

Jan 8, 2008

be careful what you wish for

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Our first rental car had a funky radio that would only pick up the FM band from 76 to about 82, thus limiting our music options. With the iPod being long gone, we had no music, and Tom would occasionally lament that New Zealand lacked any good truck stops where one could get tapes including either a) Conway Twitty, b) "Convoy" or c) both.

Today at a cd store I found him the Truckin' Marvellous album. No Conway Twitty, but it does have "Convoy." We pick up the next rental car tomorrow. I can't wait.

Jan 3, 2008

on the water - er, road....

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We got back to Te Anau last night after an amazing 2-day kayaking trip on one of the fiord. I just like saying fiord. Try it - fiord, fiord, fiord!!! The weather was a bit rough, so we couldn't camp overnight beside the fiord, but we still got two days of paddling in. I'm sore, but it was worth it!

We're currently checking e-mail and updating the blog (well, Tom is checking sports scores on ESPN) before we head out again. We plan to cruise through Queenstown as quickly as possible and find ourselves a place to stay somewhere between here and Punakaiki. It should be two great days of driving, as we're heading up the West Coast most of the way. Mountains today, beaches tomorrow.