Jan 29, 2007

lesson learned

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When purchasing a new car, never pay it off quickly. Doing so will leave you somewhat financially strapped, and it's a well documented scientific fact that as soon as you actually own the car, something will break. Like my transmission.

File under: just my luck; cars suck; Mary had a bad day

Jan 25, 2007

heard after dinner

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Cheerios are an ideal medium for the consumption of butter.
--Russ, who has odd
breakfast habits

A statement such as that requires some explanation, does it not? It turns out that Russ has a very special breakfast, one that he got off the back of a Cheerios box back when he was a boy. Without further ado (OK, maybe just a little more ado), I present you with possibly the white-trashiest breakfasts ever.

Hot buttered O's

Serves 1 strange person
1/2stick of butter, melted
7 ozCheerios (or to taste)
Melt butter in skillet over medium heat.
Add Cheerios and salt to taste.
Enjoy in front of Saturday morning cartoons.

Hot bacon O's

Serves 1 strange person
1/2pound of bacon
7 ozCheerios (or to taste)
Fry bacon to desired crispness in skillet over medium heat. Remove from heat.
Without draining the skillet, cook Cheerios in leftover bacon grease.
Crumble bacon over the top and feel your arteries cry out in pain!

Jan 22, 2007

New year, new look

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I finally got around to getting a haircut today. I'm not one of those women who can schedule their next appointment when the leave the salon. Instead, I tend to ignore my hair for 2 or 3 months, realize suddenly that it badly needs to be cut and call the salon looking for their next available appointment. I don't want to ruin the surprise for Tom, but let's just say my new hairstyle can be summed up in three words, beginning with "Flock" and ending with "Seagulls."

Since I don't have any pictures handy to provide you with a visual reference, I will instead give you the wackiest thing I came across on the Internet today.

The little guy is actually a midget. And, he's kinda famous! Check it out! He's also on MySpace, where he cops a bit of an attitude.

"You Americans can be so unaccomodating what with never having learned the metric system and all. And bombing countries into oblivion. And starving millions of people around the world with your economic sanctions. And being so very arrogant and ignorant about other people's customs and traditions. And with your Britney Spears and Madonna's. And ice hockey! I don't understand you Americans some times."

Jan 10, 2007

home at last

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Sorry for the great absence of posting. I assumed that the hotels in Texas would have business rooms, so I did not bring my laptop. Foolish me. I was without the Internet for about a week, which hurt me far more than it hurt you.

After waking up at 4 a.m. Texas time on Monday, I commenced travelling home. And by 2 a.m. Alaska time on Tuesday, I was home. It was 60 in Texas and -40 in Fairbanks, which is a full 100 degrees colder. Despite that, I was still glad to be out of Texas.

In due time I will post a little more about my trip. For now I am busy catching up on sleep and trying to locate all my warm clothes again. And up above? Well, that's me riding the mechanical cow in the Historic Stockyards at Fort Worth. Here's a helpful hint if you ever go there: When people ask you to take their pictures, don't agree to do so and then say "1-2-3-Democrat!!" They don't appreciate it.