May 16, 2006

she's a

Posted by Mary |

OK, I'm officially out of brick jokes. That's right - I only had two. On Sunday I did my final brick for the triathlon: a 10-mile bike followed by a 5-mile run. It was supposed to be a 4-mile run, but I missed the turnaround point. I found out a few things, namely that I get really dehydrated and that said dehydration can result in a migraine so bad that I can't climb the ladder to our bedroom.

This week I am taking things easy and just swimming a few days. The race is on Sunday, and our friend Kyle has graciously offered up his floor again. I predict I will not actually start the race until after 11 a.m., and I think my goal is to complete the race in under 2 hours. Actually, my goal is just to complete the race, but I figure that 2 hours sounds about right for my (slow) speed.

I'm also looking forward to a return trip to Anchorage. Title Wave Books, Indian food and sushi are high on my list of priorities. Tom is pushing for Moose's Tooth pizza, Indian food and cheering me on. Not in that order, if he knows what's good for him.