May 9, 2006

another brick in the wall

Posted by Mary |

Yesterday I did what is known in triathlon parlance as a 'brick.' Insert brick jokes here. A brick is two segments of the triathlon performed back-to-back. I opted to do my most challenging portion, the bike-run brick. That means a 10-mile bike ride followed by a 3-mile run. Don't even get me started on the fact that the race will be a 4-mile run.

Somewhere around mile 2.5, I started wondering why exactly I was doing this madness. No one needs to run a triathlon. Really. As I got closer to my car (because there was no way I was doing the brick on Goldhill Road - hills and all, y'know), I started simultaneously marveling at what my body was capable of and considering vomiting. Yeah, this is going to be fun....