May 30, 2006

my birthday gift

Posted by Mary |

Tom is, generally, a nice, conservative guy. Not conservative in the bad, Republican way, but in the good, don't-wear-a-wife-beater-in-public way. But for my birthday, he decided that rather than shave his head completely for the bike trip, he would leave a mohawk for a while.

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Unfortunately, he ended up looking more military than punk. I think this could work to our advantage, though, as anonymous people might buy our dinners in restaurants as a way of thanking him for his service to the country. It would probably only work in crappy restaurants like Chili's, though, which just isn't worth it.


Sara said...

'Tis a shame we never got to meet, Mary. People keep telling me we would have gotten along splendidly, that perhaps your tongue is even more silver than mine.

Say hello to Tom. (Er, is it "Mr. T?") I hope you've cured him of his wordiness and his English class hangover.

Kyle said...

Tom, you should shave it some more so you just have a little circle on top. Plus grow a mustache.

No one will ever, ever, ever try and steal your stuff while you travel.