Jul 12, 2005

Step 1: Admit that you are powerless before GVEA

Posted by Mary |

Tom and I returned to Hidden Hill Sunday morning after a pleasant brunch with Amanda Bohman and Dillon, only to find a large spruce resting on the powerlines. No problem, I thought. Sure, the power company is busy, since the 60-mph winds are knocking down lots of trees, but I'll just call and let them know about it.

I notified Golden Valley Electric Association, then put some pink streaks in my hair and read myself to sleep with my headlamp on. Monday dawned, but the power remained out. Not to worry, I said. I'll just put a hat over this head full of Saran wrap and hair dye, and go shower on campus.

I returned home after my teleconference and was a little perturbed to see the tree still laying across the power lines, but I called GVEA again. No, we're not a business, I reminded them. We're a group of residences with no power. They reassured me that my power would be back Monday night or, at the latest, Tuesday morning.

I spent the night at Tom's and stopped home on my way to work. You guessed it - tree still on lines. No, we're not a business, I said once again. Yes, you may have received several calls, since there are 8 people living here (now technically that's a lie, but since there will be 8 residents by September-ish, I don't feel too bad) The nice lady said that I was on the list and that power would be restored later Tuesday morning.

I sincerely hope that GVEA keeps track of who gets their power back last. Because the next time the power goes out, I expect to have mine turned back on first. That seems only fair, as it will balance out the electrical power karma in Fairbanks. I wait 48 hours this time, Ralph Seekins can wait 48 hours next time.