Jul 3, 2005

Picture time

Posted by Mary |

I finally got the first roll of pictures for work on the cabin developed. This would be a lot faster if I had a digital camera. I've taken more as the work has progressed, so stay tuned.

Did you ever wonder what 11,100 pounds of concrete looks like? Robert and I moved this down to the site in one afternoon. Paul showed up to help for a few hours, and Don kindly lent us some of his carts from work. We broke the hitch off one cart halfway through the effort.

The cabin site as viewed from the path. Note William's cabin in the center background. We're going to plant some trees for privacy. The cabin will be in the area defined by the wood stakes. As you can see, this goes right over the ski path. Not my idea. Also visible on the left is the whelping pen for William's dog yard.

This will be our view from the cabin. Ester Dome is rather nice to look at, no? The view will be even better when I cut down some trees.

Our outhouse, actually left over from William's cabin. It has a lovely view across the valley to Ester Dome, but no door. It also may be rather, um, "full." Fortunately, Nancy dug a new hole before she and Jay moved to Tamarack Knoll, so we can pick it up and move it over 5 feet if we need to.

For those of you in the Lower 48, this is the blue foam seat, which doesn't get cold, even at 50 below. Unfortunately, I believe my ass is bigger than the seat, so I will make contact with those wood triangles. Brrr!! Also note the dubious quality of the floor and the nasty orange carpet. We will be working on those.

And just for fun, here's a moose I found eating the trees outside my apartment. Possibly the same moose that has been eating those trees all winter. Maybe even the same moose we found standing in the middle of the cabin site when we started moving the concrete down.