Jul 28, 2005

Like a virgin, blogging for the very first time

Posted by Mary |

My boyfriend read my blog last night. For the very first time. I was wondering why his phone was busy for 90 minutes. Apparently he also read Dillon's blog, and said he likes it better. It has something to do with all the pictures. That and a general disregard for my feelings. I think the only thing that will make this better is if I buy a digital camera and start posting daily pictures. Isn't it enough that I dropped off another roll of film to be developed yesterday? I'll have more pictures by Sunday, dammit!

I guess the only thing I can do is accept the fact that Tom prefers Dillon's blog. It wouldn't be fair of me to attack his blog or attempt to disparage it in any way. I can accept that Dillon and I are different people, and we have different blogs. But ... NAMBLA. That's all I'm saying. Dillon is a friend of mine, and I'm totally not jealous that Tom likes his blog better than mine. Even though I am his girlfriend and Dillon is just a guy who blew us off for dinner the other night. I'm fine with it.

Just fine.


Dillon said...

Na, na, na, na!