Jun 13, 2006

they're baaack!!!

Posted by Mary |

Two of the library regulars are back and making their usual fuss. They're of the "the local media is corrupted and only we know about it" sort, and they're looking at old copies of the News-Miner on microfilm, raising a stink that a political ad appeared on the Faith page. "It makes my skin crawl to see that," one guy said. "Only guys like Jerry Falwell do stuff like that," the other replied. One of the guys seems to be running for an office in local government, and is trying to figure out how much advertising his opponent did in the last election.

Unfortunately, the printer attached to the microfilm machine has once again broken, prompting a long tirade about how the repair work is contracted out to a company in Anchorage that won't bother to come up here until several machines are broken.

Sigh. Just go upstairs to another machine. Please. No, please don't start in on the need to mobilize WalMart workers to unionize. Oh God, don't talk about how the military encourages families to have as many kids as possible since Uncle Sam will pay for it all.

I need to get away from people like this.


Anonymous said...

Shoot them. It works for me. Had to move south, though, since the permafrost makes it impossible to stash the bodies in the basement. – Dillon

Erin said...

Just a regular day in Squarebanks, huh? Frightening, but I can think of several people that I know personally who fit their description.

Keith said...

what a dick-heads, jus fuck 'em in the neck with printer
yo have a nice blog!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, yes. Everyone's out to get me . . . love this post. A riot!

John said...

Hmmm. For some reason, it signed me (above post) as anonymous. Maybe everyone is out to get me.