Jun 20, 2006

everybody's leaving me!

Posted by Mary |

Remember back when I started this blog? It was all cabin this and cabin that as I struggled to convince people that they should build me a new cabin, rather than kick me out for the QIRs. And even when they agreed to do it, I was still leery of the QIRs. Then they had the gall to show up early - early, mind you - and I was forced to move into a room in the main cabin and leave my cat behind. Keep in mind they're also vegans.

Things were not looking good for Mary and the QIRs. Except ... well, except for the fact that Jacob and Gretta are wonderful people. They took on the challenge of living with Nibbles, and they grew to love her (although I'm still convinced that Gretta shaved my cat). They took on the challenge of living with the Hillbillies, and they grew to love us! They helped us pick and fight our battles when we needed to promote the best interests of the community. They worked with Tom and I when we hit a rough patch. They threw themselves into living and Hidden Hill, and they helped make it a better place.

Today they left Hidden Hill, headed for parts unknown, and the main cabin will feel somewhat empty when I go home. While I know the commune will continue to change and grow as new members move in, I'll miss Jacob's joke (he only had one) and Gretta’s patience (no, really, he only had one joke), and I'll miss having them at meals, and I'll miss their unique take on Quakerism. Whether they end up back in Doylestown or they start a new life in Ben Lomond, they'll be sorely missed at Hidden Hill. And I hope they don't complain too much if we all come to visit at once. I hear they've got indoor plumbing.