Jun 22, 2006

bet you can't pet just one!

Posted by Mary |

So, I should probably address this in an e-mail to Tom first, but I've been thinking about starting a family lately. Not actually gestating one, and definitely not the human kind.

I started mulling the idea of getting a dog a while ago, probably because many of my friends started reproducing. But then Nancy mentioned that getting used to twin daughters was like getting used to anything, and that she had gotten used to scooping the dog yard. That reminded me that a dog will require an outside house, straw, a new form of food, daily exercise, self-control not to eat Nibbles, regular shit patrols, etc. That may be a little more commitment than I'm ready for.

However, Nibbles was raised with lots of other living things around her. She didn't get quite as bad as Pudge did, but she's still kind of needy. With Tom gone, there's no one but me to pay attention to her, and frankly it's getting kind of draining. She's all up in my face whenever I'm home, violating my 2-foot bubble of personal space while I sleep and licking me frantically. I'm starting to form a theory that if I got another cat, she would have company throughout the day (once she got over hissing, hiding, plotting and attacking, that is) and would be more manageable.

Am I completely wrong in this theory?


Archeobot said...

Or you could be like me when they got over hissing, fighting, and plotting only to both sleep all day in different bedrooms on different beds punctuated by much shorter periods of getting pissy with each other. Now its a competition for who gets my attention when I get home so don't be surprized buy the petty jealousy and the occasion tiff... on your lap! Mouse has the most perfected pissy look you've ever seen. Don't get me wrong... If I could afford it I'd likely adopt another...

Terri said...

Yes, you may be completely wrong! I adopted my second cat, Callisto, 13 years ago. She and my older cat, Cosmo, who is 17, hate each other as much today as they did when they first met. One night they jumped on the bed simultaneously and began swinging at each other, the result being that one of them sank his/her claws into my posterior.

John said...

No. The "need gene" is firmly ingrained. You might get lucky and get a pet that completely ignored you, but then again, the money might be better spent on a paperweight. Less expensive, and not very needy at all, except the whole gravity thing.