Jun 21, 2006

reality meets reality television

Posted by Mary |

As I skimmed the Anchorage Daily News at work, I noticed an article on Alaska auditions for the next season of ABC's The Bachelor. It turns out that their new bachelor is Lorenzo Borghese, who I went to high school with back in Connecticut. Sadly, I'm wikkid happy with Tom and not keen to appear on reality television, so I will not be receiving my 15 minutes of fame by auditioning for a touching reunion.

Since I keep in touch with just one person from high school (who tracked me down on the Internet), I've really got no one else to tell this to except my hordes, nay legions, of readers.


Erin said...

Ha! Just think of the type of people who'll audition for that up here?!? I'd love to watch those auditions.