Jun 9, 2006

show me the presents

Posted by Mary |

Tom is such a sweet guy, that he decided to get me a present before abandoning me for months. Well, not quite....

Earlier this week, we were running errands when he said he needed to swing by Barnes and Noble. I was happy to go browse at Lowe's while he did so, but then I discovered that he was buying me a present. I'd be thrilled, except he has no intention of giving me said present until he returns from his bike trip!! You just don't do that to a girl, especially not to me.

Since I've never been one to let sleeping presents lie (or however the old saying goes), I've managed to determine the following:

  • it is a book
  • it cost $12
  • it was purchased on Wednesday at around 6:15 p.m.
  • the cashier was a female with a tattoo on her arm
  • Tom's debit card was declined at first
  • Tom gave the cashier a lengthy explanation for this, since his bank recently sent out new debit cards because of a security breach (which also means I no longer know his PIN - damn!!)
  • it is nonfiction (OK, I don't know this one for sure, but it's a pretty good guess)
  • it is not a cookbook (again, a good guess)
  • it is not erotica (trust me, he ain't that kind of guy!)

So, should I return to Barnes and Noble next Wednesday with a photo of Tom and look for the cashier with a tattoo on her arm?


John said...

That's way too much effort. Truth serum. Trust me.