Feb 16, 2006

on a roll

Posted by Mary |

Tom and I decided to stick with our Valentine's Day tradition of sushi. Because nothing says love like seaweed. This year, like last year, we had the sushi at home, but this year there were a few key differences

  • Tom learned to roll the sushi as well

  • we did not eat a roll that contained the following ingredients: banana, peanut butter and bacon and was then cooked by the following method: deep-frying. Last year's Elvis roll will not be repeated.

  • After an hour or so of prep work, we had the rice cooked, dressed and cooled, and all the ingredients were grilled/blanched/chopped/mixed, etc.
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    Tom watched me with the first roll, a peanut-glazed spinach roll, and then felt confident to try it with the next roll. He and I made Manhattan rolls and Green Goddess rolls.
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    Then came the piece de resistance - the Cowboy roll. This one was our clear favorite. It had grilled steak, wasabi mayonnaise, minced red onion, spinach and blue cheese.
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    Of course, no meal is complete without dessert, so I whipped up a Twinkie roll. The closest substitute I could find for tobiko was strawberry Nerds, which gave the roll a delightful crunch. As Tom said, "It tastes better than it has any right to."


Kyle said...

Hey Mary. I didn't know you had a blog.

Are you coming to J-week or what? If so, make Tom come. Use force, if necessary.

Terri said...

When I'm rich and famous can I hire you to be my personal chef?

Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle,
Mary's not coming to j-week, technically, but she'll be in Anchorage that weekend anyway. Me, I'm not coming, as a.) I wrote nothing of note last year, and b.) I'm probably tripping to Juneau for Folk Fest that weekend.
P.S. Congrats on moving to the Anchorage bureau, at least for a while. Reverse-commuting to the Mat-Su sounds awful.

Kyle said...

Thanks Tom...
I'll miss Wasilla, actually, but commuting was no good. I've heard enough talk radio to last a lifetime.