Mar 2, 2006

i'm not dead yet

Posted by Mary |

After Tom told me that friends were asking him why I hadn't posted in a while, I realized that it's time to get my butt back on Blogger. I could give you a song and dance about what I've been up to, but let's just hit the high points here.

  • I quit the library and started my new job (where I don't want to be known as Mary-that-girl-who-spends-all-the-time-on-the-Internet, hence the lack of posts). The new position is cool - plenty of editing and design, plus other stuff to keep me from getting bored.
  • I was offered my old position at the library and accepted it. I will start on Monday.
  • I started writing restaurant reviews for the Anchorage Press, the alternative weekly paper in town.
  • It got really icy for a while, so I stayed in a lot.
  • We got new satellite residents at Hidden Hill. Based on the last few dinners, you'll be seeing quotes from Sunna and Russ here quite frequently.
  • Last Friday it started snowing and didn't stop until sometime Sunday, leaving my car rather buried. Those damn 30-degree days had spoiled me, and I thought winter was over.
  • I decided maybe I should run more than one triathlon this summer, so I'm considering another one either in Fairbanks or Anchorage.
  • I started swimming lessons and am now much less afraid to put my face in the water. This should help with the triathlon.

And speaking of swimming lessons, that's where I'm going right now.