Feb 1, 2006

de-railed and re-railed

Posted by Mary |

Two days after vowing publicly to run a triathlon, I got walloped with a cold. Needless to say, I haven't been back in the pool since Friday, so my training has been a bit derailed. After taking 6 hours of sick leave yesterday so I could stare blankly into space at home, I'm starting to feel better. Hopefully I can get to the pool tomorrow for a swim, because this is First Friday week. First Friday = Free Wine and Snacks Friday. I'm all about the free wine and snacks.

Of course, I was also derailed in December, though it was due to nepotism, not germs. And I thought all was better when I was offered an editing job at UAF this week. Permanent, no less, which would take me off this grant-funded roller coaster at the library. And an office with windows! When you work two stories underground, you start to crave windows. So what's the hitch? Well, it's a permanent part-time job. My current job is temporary full-time. And according to the powers that be at UAF, I cannot go to temporary part-time and also hold a permanent part-time job. Two temporary part-time jobs? Yes. Two permanent part-time jobs? Yes. A part-time job and an adjunct position? Yes. A temporary part-time and a permanent part-time job? No.

Since the library is kind of up a creek without me, the people here are trying to see if they can switch my designation to permanent part-time so that I can hold both jobs. The editing position may eventually become full-time, but in the meantime I could stay at the library.

Will the library be able to pull it off? Or will I go back to one part-time job and search for more work? Stay tuned....


Deirdre Helfferich said...

Re part-time work...I am still looking for a qualified person (like yourself) to help me out at the Republic. Of course, at least for the meantime, it's REALLY part-time, as in one day a week, max, but it, too, could also grow. Not much in the way of bennies, though, leastways not yet.