Mar 30, 2006

you asked for it

Posted by Mary |

Dillon was warned that if he persisted in requesting pictures on this blog, I'd end up posting stuff of my cat. But he said he's not afraid of a little kitty (that's paraphrasing his dirty mouth, actually).

As you can see, Nibbles is completely aware that she, as the cat, must subjugate herself to the whims of her owner. I am not her toy, though apparently I do make a nice seat.


Dillon said...

It's just too sad to comment on.

Hey, is Tom heading south for the folkfest or not?

Allen said...

Although the cat does'nt look too pleased from this angle.

Mary said...

Y'know, Nibbles never looks happy. She either looks pissed off or stoned. Freaky cat....

Erin said...

How funny - cats are do love to perch.

I'm a fellow Fairbanksan, and found your blog while reading Dillon's.