Mar 24, 2006

t minus two months

Posted by Mary |

It's less than two months until the Gold Nugget Triathlon. Am I going to be ready? Well, what have I done to prepare?

  • Swimming: I've taken some lessons, learned the flip turns, and figured out the best style for me (for the record, I plan to swim half the pool on my back, then flip to a crawl stroke so I can turn at the end and resume the backstroke). Right now, my quickest lap time is 55 seconds. I'll need to do 10 laps, so I need to wrk on my stamina.
  • Running: My ankle still hurts from the incident a few weeks ago. Nevertheless, I've been forcing myself to go running. And, to be frank, I suck at it. I'm working on it, though.
  • Biking: Well, I need to get a bike.... I've been using the stationary bikes at the gym, but they are no comparison to riding an actual bike. The fact that it's still snowing in Fairbanks is another factor getting in the way of my bike training, but right now my big issue is that I need a bike. Preferrably a Trek Hybrid.

In short, I am not quite ready yet. But I gave myself a day off of training yesterday and took stock of how far I've come since making this decision. I still think I can do it. I guess we'll see on May 21.


Dillon said...

What was the point of Tom buying you a digital camera if you're never going to use it? Sheesh woman, get on it will ya.

Tom Moran said...

Hey! Mary's family bought her the camera. And I'm warning you, if she starts using it, there will be pictures of her cat...

Dillon said...

Tom, are you telling me that you're afraid of a little pussy?