Mar 9, 2006

new course

Posted by Mary |

I've altered my summer plans: Instead of going to Nome for the Stroke-N-Croak mini triathlon, I've registered for the Gold Nugget Triathlon in Anchorage on May 21. It's a different course, with a 500 yd. swim, 10 mile bike ride and 4.1 mile run. It's also much more expensive than the Nome one, but I figure it'll be worth it. Nome usually has a field of about 8 competitors. The GNT usually has about 1,000.

When Tom and I got home from work yesterday, I convinced him that we should head out in the blowing snow for a run. If you're not familiar with Fairbanks, it is rarely windy here. When it is, it's miserable. If you're not familiar with me, I rarely run. When I do, I'm miserable.

Fortunately Tom was tired from biking home, so he could take it easy and run at my (painfully slow) pace. We only did about a mile, but it was good progress. The run portion will be the hardest part for me.

My last swimming lesson is tonight. No one else showed up on Tuesday, so I got some quality one-on-one instruction. It still amazes me that 9 days ago I couldn't put my face in the water, even with nose clips on. Now I can do flip turns at the end of the lane.