Dec 20, 2008

tragedy has struck

Posted by Mary |

I dye my hair. Yeah, shocker, it's not really red. Quite frankly, I blame my parents for not passing on the correct genetic makeup. They got just about everything else right, though. But my point here is that it's getting close to time to dye my hair again, and the roots are getting visible. As I was getting ready for dinner with some friends tonight, I happened to look closely and I think I saw gray hair. Mind you, I only think I saw the gray hair. I made Celine look, and she said she couldn't see any gray hair, but I think it's there. Is it time to admit I'm no longer young?


Matriarch said...

Gray hair is a sign of old age and wisdom. Let them shine.

JMS said...

I have gray hair. I yank them out passionately whenever I spy one on my head. In my case, it comes from having 2 kids, a husband, and a dog... Need I say more?