Dec 8, 2008

heard at the hardware store

Posted by Mary |

Hey Mary. Um, do I want to know why
you're buying a hacksaw and tubing?
Probably not.

I love having new projects. Of course my roommate was concerned when she came home a found a roll of 100' of polyethylene tubing in the living room. We just went through a lot of trouble with the septic system, so the urge to pretend something dire had happened was almost overwhelming.

The landlord was not so responsive, meaning when I left him a message that the septic system was overflowing in the yard, he did not call back. I suspect that he did not have the septic system looked at after the flood. But I couldn't wait, so I called the repair guys. $1,295 later, we had a thawed, pumped tank and a new pump. I left the landlord a receipt and a check for $5 to cover the balance of our $1,300 rent. I still haven't heard from him.


malfunctionology101 said...

That rocks. I mean, it really, really, rocks.

Anonymous said...

You da woman. Go, Mary! Go, Mary! :-)

Anonymous said...

Damn, someone took my anonymous post. Hey girl, it's your sh*t he agreed to take. $5 a month is a damn reasonable settlement.