Nov 11, 2008

I don't need any encouragement

Posted by Mary |

I'm such a brown-noser. I'm in a training class all week, and the teacher is handing out chocolate if we answer questions correctly. I am already the sort of person who always has her hand up first and desperately wants to be right. I don't necessarily need the chocolate encouragement. But just for the record, I'm currently kicking the collective ass of the rest of the class. I even gave away one answer to Jeff Fay today. No sense in making it a total sweep.

Another department at UAF organized the class, and ARSC got to send me for free by providing the classroom space, computers and software. Tom Wolsky is teaching us Final Cut Pro. I have dabbled with the program a bit before, but always defaulted to iMovie for video editing because it's much easier. Much easier, but also much more limited. 

This class is blowing my mind. We'll be here for 40 hours this week. I left after the first 8 hours thinking that I had just gotten a really good grasp of the program, and now we're cruising lightyears ahead. Of particular joy to me today was creating a multiclip. In short, you can take up to 128 different camera angles, sync them up to a shared point (such as a clapperboard or call for action) and then mush them all into one clip. Once they're all synced up in one clip, you just click back and forth between the angles you want for any particular time. Back in Ye Olde Days, I would have to trim each camera clip down to the particular angle I wanted and try to align its end point with a clip from another angle, hoping that I had them synced up properly. No more of that nonsense! Now, how can I work clapperboards into our choreography?