Nov 23, 2008

heard at drag show dance rehearsal

Posted by Mary |

I had organic free range eggs for breakfast.
I had a hangover and regrets.

The irony is that I intended to just go to a reading and then a beer tasting at the Pub. If I had intended to then go on to two smoky bars, I would not have worn my lovely new fur coat. To top it off, I had to go to drag show rehearsal at 11 a.m. today and do a LOT of spins for one routine. Lesson learned.

At the reading, I did finally nail down where I am going for Thanksgiving dinner. I had tried to convince Tom we should go volunteer at a soup kitchen, mostly so we could get free deep-fried turkey. Now, it seems, I will be joining some English grad students for dinner at Kevin's place. I adore Kevin, so it should be an interesting evening. The baking will start in earnest on Tuesday night. Our arctic entry is just about the right temperature to keep some things chilled.