Sep 26, 2008


Posted by Mary |

It’s the weekend. Oh yeah! What’s on my to-do list?
* A beer tasting tonight. Bonus: It’s at the Winter Show, so I can see all the latest snowmachines! I plan to follow the beer up with a trip to the Marlin for, well, more beer. And dancing!
* Chores chores chores. Bob is doing a great job of attacking our woodpile, but I’ve got to clean up the yard a bit and try to round up the errant wood that floated away during the flood. Plus I ought to:

  • Put my old studded tires on Craigslist
  • Do my drawing homework
  • Finish some sewing projects
  • Clean my room
  • Winterize my car
  • Install the closer on the sauna door
  • Start downloading the Mira Betz video (I am sooo behind on this project!)
  • Rehearse Victoria’s breakdancing robot choreography
  • Have brunch with Amanda and get caught up
  • Go to an organization meeting for Barack the Vote
  • Fix my personal life
  • Hit up the library for some DVDs I have on hold
  • Value Village misses me
  • Apply for disaster assistance from the flood
  • Place a massive order from Amazon, which kind of requires me to go to Barnes and Noble for some research
  • Try to avoid making any baked goods. The stress baking has got to stop. Can't I just start stress running? Or stress swimming? Or not stressing?