Sep 2, 2008

decision 2008

Posted by Mary |

I nearly fucked up my entire blog just trying to put in a new element. Somebody please remind me that I cannot use the new version of Blogger. My XML isn't valid and I haven't the energy to look at it. I don't have the energy for much these days, but that's a story for another day.

Today is the day I put it all in the hands of you, the readers. I am back in Fairbanks with my shiny new-ish car. And since I've got many weeks yet before I can actually register it in Alaska, I've got time to think. I'm thinking vanity plates. I've never done them before because, well, my cars don't last that long. But this one had better last, dammit. I'm going to make the $30 investment that share my passion, my pride AND my joy with the world.

So, what will they say? Well, that's where you come in. I'm putting up a poll to let you vote on what my new vanity plates should read. I'm going to give you several options, along with the "Other (See comments)" option that will allow you to make your own suggestions. And per a discussion with Christi and Tom today, I am pretty sure that the DMV will not let me put "Asshat" on my car.



Anonymous said...


Trust me - any even close to purient vanity plate won't make it through. I entertained myself for quite a while one time trying to think of a string of characters that would get through and NOTHING even close to fun would work.

Try it yourself here:

And hey, the fact that your cars don't last long has no bearing on whether you should get a vanity plate. Once you've got it, it's yours and you can move it from car to car with almost reckless abandon. I know. I've done it.

Tom said...

So my vote is for BOLDLY. It's a Star Trek reference that most people will get (how often do you hear 'boldly' outside of a Trek credits sequence) and it's a cool plate in its own right. Downside: adverbs are bad.

Brenda Starr said...

Okay, so I just checked the availability of 'asshat' and you're in luck, it's still up for grabs! Nudge, nudge.

Tundra Vixen said...

Why not just go with "Cylon" for your BSG reference?