Sep 12, 2008

file under: no shit, sherlock

Posted by Mary |

The insurance adjuster called. My car is a total loss. He said it was underwater for over a week. Um, yeah, I knew that. Now if you could please figure out if you’re going to give me any money for it, I’d greatly appreciate it. Speaking of money, today is PFD-and-energy-rebate day. $3,269 in my account. Ka-ching! Things are looking tough but not undoable for the winter. I think any car money will just go into my Roth IRA and the extra into mutual funds. And next year I'll probably head back to the land of small dry cabins. They're cheaper to heat.

Things that excite me:

  • my furnace appears to be fixed
  • sauna party tonight
  • the new Jenny Lewis album hits stores in 11 days
  • hot springs with the dance troupe tomorrow, possibly followed by dancing at the Marlin
  • gathering some free firewood with Marmian tomorrow
  • my shiny new “Picard/Riker ‘08: Leadership for the Next Generation” T-shirt. order yours here!
  • a 4-mile run this morning

Things that do not excite me:
  • the overwhelming aroma of fuel oil that woke me from a dead sleep this morning
  • the prospect of paying a LOT of money for more firewood
  • this week at work - lots of Department of Defense people here for the annual security review
  • women who will vote for Palin just because she has ovaries
  • art class - I hope this moves into the other category soon