Sep 27, 2008

heard at the marlin

Posted by Mary |

Well, that rainforest isn't going to save itself.
--JK, on Sting's decision
to license his music

That was an interesting night. Lessons learned:

1) Bud and Clamato is never a good idea.
2) People rarely know which font was used in their tattoos. For the record, it looked like a Blackletter to me.
3) When men are hitting on you in a hippie dive bar, you would think that engaging them in a false conversation about how happy you are that Palin got the VP nod would make them leave you alone.
4) Men will agree with anything if they are trying to get laid.

When the shots came, we all toasted with a hearty "Go Sarah!" while my friend Andy nearly died of laughter in a corner.