Jul 2, 2007

small town blues

Posted by Mary |

Fairbanks may the be second-largest city in the largest state in the nation, but that doesn't stop everyone from knowing everyone else. Cases in point:

• I went to a Canada day/surprise birthday party for a friend. The host had once co-chaired a gubernatorial debate with my boyfriend. Though I didn't know most of the other guests, we were all somehow connected through either the Fairbanks journalism world or through the blogosphere,

• Because we are looking for furniture for the new house, a coworker put me in touch with her son, who is selling furniture for a move. We chatted over the phone about a bed he had for sale, and I went to his house yesterday to look at it. He looked somewhat familiar, but I knew we had some friends in common. When he showed me the bed, I realized that I recognized him because I had sold him the same bed four years ago.

I'd love to regale you with more stories or photos, but none of the other bloggers have put up photos for me to 'borrow,' and I've got to go to an interview.


subarctic mama said...

Did you buy you buy the bed back? Congrats on the new house.

Theresa Bakker said...

Hey, nice to finally meet you. Now, will you go back to reviewing? I miss drooling over your meals. Plus I gave you a shout out over here.