Jun 27, 2007

moving on up! to the, um, west side!

Posted by Mary |

If you haven't heard, we are moving! We found a great house about 8 miles from the university, situated on the oh-so-lovely Chena Ridge. For those of you who actually know us (as opposed to those of you who just cyberstalk us. You know who you are!), our phone number will remain the same. For those of you who send us bills, keep sending them to the old address. For those of you who send us gifts, we'll get you the new address.

We're not fully moved in, and we won't be having our housewarming for a while, so for now I leave you with some shaky video.

The cat has made the move and is suitably both freaked out by the new place and overcome by the desire to roll in all the spots that apparently still smell like dog.


Jenni Moody said...

What a beautiful house. You have your own stream. :). And a sauna! Woot!

Theresa Bakker said...
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Q said...

Sure, a sauna and hot tub are nice, but a toilet, too? Now you're just showing off.