Jul 9, 2007

strange things are afoot at the Circle K

Posted by Mary |

You know what? I'm pretty damn sure that I've used that as a post title before. But my point is that my blog may look a little odd for a few months. I'm taking a few classes over the summer, and one of them requires that I set up a blog at Blogger. Now, I'm not sure if you're aware of this, dear readers, but I happen to have a blog at Blogger - and you're reading it right now. Actually, I have four: this one, one for my restaurant reviews (woefully behind in updates), one for my recipes (no, NOT the brownies, Jill!) and one for Tom's bike trip (although he got back in September). And so, I've petitioned my instructor to let me use this blog. Don't be alarmed if I started talking about processors or whatnot.

On the bright side, maybe this means I'll get on top of updating my blog. I was reprimanded for being lazy at a swanky lil' soiree for Jill this weekend. Di anyone else know that Jill is a lean, mean, digits-getting machine? It's kind of fun to set challenges for her, because she always overcomes!

And since you're still reading, let me just remind you that the Fleurs du Mal burlesque show starts THIS WEEK. Free preview show Tuesday night and a Boston (i.e. "clean") show on Thursday, with the show officially starting on Friday. Friday and Saturday nights at 10 for the rest of the month. Be there or be a figure with four sides of equal length and four 90-degree angles.

UPDATE: I lied. Or rather, I changed my mind. Putting my assignment posts on this blog would quickly become quite messy, so I created a new blog. If you're really interested, you can check it out. And don't forget to come to the show this month!


Anonymous said...

And we're supposed to know where this burlesque show is by osmosis?

Can't go if we don't know where....