Jul 12, 2007

ode to the dump

Posted by Mary |

Transfer station, how I love thee! You take away my garbage and give me other people's garbage in return. Seriously, people, I have of late become a transfer station junkie. It just so happens that I go past not one but TWO transfer stations on my way home. There's the Farmer's Loop/Taku Lot transfer station, which is where all the hippies and college students go, and I also pass the Chena Pump Road transfer station, which is where all the rich people go. Needless to say, outfitting our new house has been a snap. What, you need photographic evidence?

Today's big find: An outdoor table for our massive, massive deck.
Also on our deck: Flowers. I paid for those, but all the planters were free!
Soon to be retired: A grocery basket found at the Farmers Loop/Steese Highway transfer station. I always stop in when I'm on that side of town. It served us well for bringing food up to the main cabin, but is kind of useless now that we don't live in the commune anymore.
Tom wanted a soap dish. Tom got a soap dish. Or rather, I got a soap dish for Tom.
I wish I'd found this chair before I bought a recliner at Salvation Army. Well, now we have two living room chairs.
And an ottoman, which technically is not a transfer station find. This one I found out with someone's garbage in the Aurora subdivision about 4 years ago.
Small nightstand for our office? Transfer station!
Filing cabinet? Again, not a transfer station find. A friend found it on her new property when the snow melted. It comes complete with a UAF sticker.
Three-foot tall wooden tiki fork? Transfer station!
Dresser? Transfer station!
Mirrored bathroom cabinet? Transfer station!
Computer desk? Say it with me now....transfer station!

You may be asking yourself why I am posting all these pictures of my dump finds. Well, my friend, it's because I can. I can sit in the comfort of my own home at my own computer and do this. You know why?
High speed Internet! (Not from the transfer station)


Theresa Bakker said...

Keep that FM basket. You never know when a friend with kids will come over. Those things are endless fun. Or you could store newspapers in it.

Terri said...

I have a medallion shaped wrought iron clock in my living room from, you got it, the Farmers Loop transfer station.

Other scores: a sofa/loveseat/ottoman set tossed during renovations at work, various articles of clothing from friends who have gained weight, dozens of books and magazines donated to the library and tossed into the dumpster, a five foot tall bookshelf from someone who was eager to move...

I even got my cat for free from the animal shelter: he was slated for euthanasia, so they waived the adoption fees.

Coldfoot said...

I've always said they need a dropping off and picking up line at the dump.