Jul 4, 2006

patriotism hits a snag

Posted by Mary |

Dear Sir or Madam Who Is Setting Off Fireworks Somewhere In The Swamp Behind My Cabin,

Hurrah! It is, indeed, the Fourth of July. And patriotic sentiments are everywhere (as evidenced by the clerk in Old Navy who kept trying to sell me a flag T-shirt "because they're only $3" or some such crap). Now don't get me wrong. I, too, am patriotic. For instance, I loved Team America. Especially the unrated version. But fireworks? In Fairbanks? For the Fourth of July?

a) Most of the people in the rest of the United States think we're part of Canada.
b) It's the Fourth of July. In Fairbanks. Alaska. Don't you think those fireworks might be better saved for some celebration that occurs when it actually gets dark at night?


ps You're the person who's always firing his or her guns back there, aren't you?


John said...

Yay Team America, heck yeah!

Wait - your neighbor shoots off his gun, too?

Oh, wait, this is Alaska.

Archeobot said...

well look at it this way at least the people shooting off the guns aren't your husband and room mates... oh wait you moved out by then (Thanks Dee & Josh!)