Jul 28, 2006

big brother is watching you....

Posted by Mary |

Tom, as you may know, is on a cross-country bike trip. He was recently in the heart of fly-over country (Monon, Indiana) where he tried to read my blog on the library computer. You know, to keep up with my busy life and all. When he tried to load the page, he got this message:

PureSight for WinGate: Access denied
PureSight for WinGate has determined that the requested URL (http://www.maryhaley.blogspot.com/) is at least 69 % likely to contain prohibited content.
The content has been blocked because it is of a sexual nature.
If you have any queries with regards to this, please contact your system administrator.

Is it ironic that my blog is 69% likely to be sexual in nature?

This reminds me of the time I discovered that the Eudora e-mail program would put chili peppers on my messages if I used certain words. In my defense, bitch is acceptable language when you are the managing editor of a magazine about dog-powered sports. Even better, Eudora would also send me a pop-up to remind me that I had used some choice language and make sure I really wanted to send the message. I had great fun playing with that program, although Tom probably wondered why he got e-mails that said "shit piss fuck bitch cocksucker damn." He probably thought I had Tourette's of the fingers.

I'll bet I'm up to 70% prohibited content by now. I won't rest until I reach 86%. Damn right. Damn. Right. Damn.


Terri said...

Wow, your website was blocked by internet protection software for its sexual contact? What a great accomplishment! I think that you should read a banned book and listen to Howard Stern to celebrate.

Terri said...

Oops. That's supposed to be "content" not "contact". Talk about an interesting Freudian slip. Or just another boring case of dyslexia.

Deirdre Helfferich said...

Ah, America! where sex is considered scary, icky, and immoral and to be hidden at all costs, but plunder, torture, and lies on a grand scale by the White House and its corporate cronies is considered good business practice and jes fine to be out there so long as you don't call it bad (just use a few euphemisms and it's hunky dory).

Sorry, got political for a mo'.

subarctic mama said...

I love that hilarious feature of Eudora. The built in personal bleeper. I'm rooting for 100 percent.