Jan 11, 2006

another thing to love

Posted by Mary |

Add this to my list of things I like about Alaska: You can go to a job interview and all the people there are wearing jeans or Carhartts.

I had an interview for a part-time editing position yesterday, which seemed to go well. I could see that one person kept circling the top score for my answers. To be fair, the position only requires a high school diploma, so I hope my degree and editing experience will give me an edge. They're interviewing four people for the position and I should find out within a few weeks.

The good thing about this position is that I'd be permanent at the university, which means better benefits, including free classes for my financially interdependent partner (hmmm...FIP...maybe that's what I'll call Tom from now on). The bad thing is that I'm currently in a full-time temporary position at the library, which I really like. But there are no guarantees after this fiscal year.


Anonymous said...

I guess FIP is better than FOP.