Dec 5, 2005

things i have learned

Posted by Mary |

This was an educational weekend. To wit:

  1. When attending a business/social function, the cash bar may very well turn into an open bar. So buy your drinks carefully.
  2. Windows in cabins can break for absolutely no reason.
  3. Window sills on said windows make it very hard to seal them with plastic.
  4. There really is a Bollywood version of Top Gun.
  5. If you can't find a goth-industrial bellydance troupe in town, just form your own.
  6. Everyone wants my man. OK, maybe not everyone, but he's getting called for jobs left and right. His reputation precedes him.
  7. A 91 Toyota Corolla will start at -30 degrees F without being plugged in for several hours, but a 93 Subaru Legacy gives up after a few unplugged hours at -15 degrees F.
  8. Always bring a doggie bag to business functions. And if you wear a wig, make sure to take it off and let others try it on after a few hours.