Dec 15, 2005

there is no murtaza arzai

Posted by Mary |

If you like Bollywood, or even if you think you might be able to tolerate it, you should check out Chocolate.

OK, it balatantly rips off a pretty well-known American film. And you'll be able to guess which one by about 10 seconds into the opening scene. Why do I say rips off? Well, it's not a remake. The characters are different. The ending is different. Many scenes are different. But in the end, it is the same movie, with many lines being copied almost verbatim.

However, the cinematography and editing are excellent. The movie adds several classic Bollywood dance scenes. And, overall, I enjoyed watching it.


Pragya Jain said...

Why would you pick-up a B-grader like chocolate. Yo want to watch classic bollywood then watch Mother India, Guide, Mughal-e-azam, Devdas. As for modern stuff watch Aparichit, 3 idiots, Rock-on, Rockstar, Dev-D, Devdas(Remake) to name a few.