Jan 19, 2011

heard on a train

Posted by Mary |

Did you just get all Indian?
It took a while to come around.
-Beau, who had just dropped
litter on the train car floor
Baby! Don't get like this right
before you come back to my house!

You'd think that once we actually got out of India, our travel woes would lessen. But you'd be wrong.

We made it through a 7-hour train ride, a flight that involved going through exactly 5 security checks (sadly, I'm not joking), and even made it through customs. We managed to do this entire trip without paying for a single checked bag. All was going well.

I am sitting in a bar at Sea-Tac, nursing a dirty martini and shooting dirty looks at what was supposed to be our gate. Our flight to Anchorage has been delayed by many hours due to a broken plane. This will cause us to miss our connecting flight to Fairbanks. I'm uncertain as to when Beau, his new sitar and I will be able to arrive at home.

At least there's free WiFi.


MamaCaselli said...

Ah. Well, you can pass the time thinking about how I'm only a three-hour drive away from you. So painfully close.

Anonymous said...

The first leg of my flight from LAX-Bangkok got delayed, forcing me to spend several sleepless hours in a Taipei hotel, then eat my Bangkok-Hanoi ticket, spend a night in an overpriced Bangkok fleabag near the airport, and pay $120 for a new ticket. So yeah, flying sucks. But my bike isn't broken!