Jan 8, 2011

filler post

Posted by Mary |

As Beau just linked to my blog from his Facebook page, I thought I'd better write a quick post. This way his friends and family won't start off by reading about diarrhea and vomit.

We spent today touring the Mehangarh, and then spent a few hours flying over the fort on ziplines. A little overpriced, perhaps, but totally worth it. We are not enthralled with this city, especially after a rickshaw driver wanted an outrageous Rs 130 to take us back to our hotel from the fort. We have booked bus tickets for tomorrow to Ajmer, which is the town next to Pushkar. We plan to spend 5 days there studying dance (me), playing sitar (Beau) and trying to rent a motorcycle (both of us).

And now that a happy picture and post is done, feel free to read all about my digestive system.