Jun 22, 2009

not-so-still life with cat

Posted by Mary |

I get no respect from that beast. To be fair, she's being extra needy because all my belongings are slowly disappearing from the house.

The video was shot late last night/early this morning. Yesterday was kind of great and sucky all at once. It was solstice: Yay! I woke up to rain: Boo! The rain cleared in time for our performances at the street festival: Yay! I ate lots of fried foods: Yay! I came home and got a migraine: Boo! I attempted to nap it away, to limited success: Yay? Boo? I then got nauseated, but had not yet packed the Alka Seltzer: Yay! My nap kept me from going to sleep again: Boo! I watched a zombie movie instead: Yay! I woke up and still had a headache: Boo!

I called out sick at work. Now it's hours later and I'm still in a bit of pain. I think this is because of the air mattress that I will call my bed for the next week. Marmian and I moved my bed and couch on Saturday, and I will officially begin squatting in Joyce's dance room on Saturday. Until then, it's air mattress time. This kind of reminds me of the rebound guy I dated last year who believed there was no finer bed on Earth than a futon mattress on the floor. Every morning felt like a college weekend. Ugh.


Anonymous said...

I've only watched zombie movies with a migraine. I'm not sure which causes which.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the video on my way out--missed it on the way in, I was just browsing stray old links. The audio on my MacBook is so weak, I had to crank it and put my ear close to the laptop. When I finally made out what you were saying, I jumped back.

Yup, zombies, migraines, and cats don't respect personal space.

Marc said...

Hey , whats wrong with a futon on the floor? I have 2 but I do have them on pedestals one califonia king and the other is a full size. I guess it depends on what kind you bought. my futon cost 300 for the mattress alone.