Jun 27, 2009


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Nibbles and I have touched down on 3rd Avenue. Despite some panic attacks, she did survive the trip here. Have I mentioned how awesome my friends are for letting me stay with them? Also, Joyce's minivan is even better than a pickup truck for moving stuff. That thing is huge!

I am almost, ALMOST out of the house on Baurick Court. I've got a few boxes left to pack, some garbage to throw out and a whole lot of cleaning to do. I want my hefty deposit back. That's more than a mortgage payment.

Now that this house stuff is all settled-ish, I'm starting to think about the realities of living there. For instance, I bought a new television, so I need a way to both display it and maximize my storage. I've come up with this:

Also, I need a game plan for colors. I'm thinking a teal in the bedroom, with a lighter color inside the closet. Maybe a light purple. I might use that same color to redo the dressers, and I plan to make an upholstered headboard. Jay Cable is going to loan me his jigsaw to do it, provided I agree to not cut my fingers off. I should probably see what upholstery fabric I can find in town before I go buying paint.


Anonymous said...

IKEA ships. It's not too expensive, as a rule, if you order a bunch of stuff at once. They aren't great for everything but they are great for all the everyday stuff you might need in a new house--cabinets, storage crap, medicine cabinets, work sinks, beds, chairs, tables, shelving, and so on. Yup, some of it sucks but it's mostly fairly cheap and if you shop carefully, you end up with nicer thing that you might find elsewhere. (I'd say IKEA isn't quite as good as living in a place with tons of great garage sales but, IIRC, Fairbanks is only so-so for garage sales.)