Apr 5, 2009

trying to be difficult

Posted by Mary |

I'm surprised that no one bitched me out over the use of kevadväsimus in a previous post. I know you all had to look it up. I only became familiar with the word because I follow an Estonian blogger.

Friday night was kick ass, to say the least. The Marlin was full of strangers (very rare) and rumor has it that we raised more than half of the money we need to put on Clucking Blossom. Saturday began strangely. I decided to make cookies and got frightened by the fact that it really only takes about 10 minutes to put together cookie batter. The recipe will need to withstand further experimentation, but it was still a quick batch. I later realized that there was a method to my madness when a good friend called with some good news. I can't share their news yet, but we met for dinner and I handed over a dozen blueberry chocolate chip cookies. Dinner (Thai, of course) was followed by drinks at a bar swanky enough to support both the desire for martinis and the desire for scotch.

Saturday night was spent in the most shameful manner possible. I am now a pseudo-master of the following: two-step, cha cha, waltz, polka and swing. And you can cross "doing the two-step to a country cover of Bon Jovi" off my life list. Deep, deep shame! But I love the dancing! My friends and dance partners call me a dancing savant.