Apr 27, 2009

another week begins

Posted by Mary |

I was not feeling the swimming mojo this morning, which is unfortunate for a few reasons.

  1. I am getting some henna done today for a performance this weekend. Chlorine kills the henna pretty quickly, so that makes today my last swim of the week.
  2. No one had said anything yet, but the pool is closing next week. I really wish UAF would give us notice about these things. I'm sure by Thursday someone will have scrawled a note and stuck it on the locker room doors, but that's about all the warning we ever get that our pool is going out of commission.
Spring might actually be here. It was in the high 60s yesterday. That's driving-with-the-window-open weather. It made the dance studio rather warm for rehearsal, but I'll gladly suffer that for now.